WBSP076: Grow Your Business by Choosing Scalable E-Commerce Platform and Architecture w/ Erin Courtnay and Eric Landmann


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If you are building or upgrading your e-commerce capabilities, you are likely to evaluate several platforms. This evaluation needs to be comprehensive, covering factors ranging from legal contracts, deployment issues, customer experience needs, product model complexities, and your teams' skillset. If you chose a platform without performing due diligence, you might experience cost overruns with your ecommerce budget.

In today's episode, we have our guest Erin Courtnay and Eric Landmann from Earthling Interactive, who discusses the strategies and considerations to evaluate e-commerce platforms and architecture. They also discuss how the e-commerce needs differ between B2B vs. B2C and among different industries. Finally, they discussed several other nuances that drive the cost and design, including product models, search filters, and the technology ecosystem.

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