WBSP077: Grow Your Business by Tracking the Real-Time Location of Your Critical Assets w/ Viren Mathuria


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Remember walking around a gym to find the weight you wanted for your next set of exercises? It could be even more frustrating and inefficient to locate a tool or asset in a large manufacturing facility or a warehouse. What if you had real-time tracking of your tools and assets that you could locate by tracking their real-time locations. The RTLS technology is powerful and helps manufacturers in tracking critical resources on the shop floor.

In today's episode, we have our guest Viren Mathuria from Sewio Networks, who describes how a real-time location system (RTLS) works and how it helps manufacturers. He also discusses several examples of how large enterprises and SMB manufacturers are using the technology as of today. Finally, he provides insights into various competing technologies available in the market, including RFID and Bluetooth, and discusses their limitations and applications.

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