Episode 309: Episode #308, May 18, 2022


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What is the hottest lake in the country for huge largemouth bass? It’s Lake Fork near Dallas, Texas, of course. Who is the hottest fisherman in the country when you are talking about largemouth bass? It’s Lee Livesay, of course. Livesay, who calls Lake Fork his home water. In 2021, Livesay won a Bassmaster Elite tournament on Fork with an incredible 4-day total of 112-05. Amazing! Lee isn’t just deadly on Lake Fork, he just scored a big Bassmaster Open win on the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Mississippi. There is no doubt that topwater specialist Lee Livesay deserves his reputation as a big fish master.
Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing? Dan Johnston from St. Croix joins us to talk about wind and how it affects fishing.
Jose Chavez is a top fisherman and also an innovative lure designer for Z-Man Fishing Products. Listen to a real genius talk about the latest and best baits on the market.

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