Episode 310: Episode #309, May 25, 2022


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Arkansas native Stephen Browning is the winner of the 2022 Major League Fishing Patriot Cup. Who but MLF could stage a major tournament that was held on three different lakes? The Patriot Cup was held on Lewisville Lake, Eagle Mountain Lake and Lavon Lake, all near Dallas, Texas. Incredibly, the anglers weren’t told the names of the lakes until the morning they were to fish on them. No practice and no research! Isn’t that amazing? Stephen Browning is a member of the exclusive BASS Million Dollar in Winnings Club and always seem to be in the top ten at every tournament he enters. Browning is a fan favorite and a media favorite, as well. Listen to one of the truly good guys in our sport talk about the Patriot Cup and his great career.
Do you remember that line from the original Top Gun? “I feel the need for speed?” What does Dan Johnston from St. Croix feel about that? He joins us to talk about the importance of retrieve speed.
Scott Ellison, Marketing Promotions Manager at Major League Fishing is with us to talk about their high school fishing camp. How great would it be to attend that event?

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