Episode 316: Episode #315, July 6, 2022


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Pam Martin-Wells is the most accomplished female bass angler of all time. She is the sport's winningest female competitor and the only woman to reach the top 25 in the annual Bassmaster Classic, against a field of the top male competitors in the world. Martin-Wells is the women's tour's all-time leading money winner, a five-time Angler of the Year and has been inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. She now faces the biggest challenge of her life as she valiantly battles cancer. This angler is so tough and determined that she actually won a big LBAA tournament a mere one week after a chemotherapy treatment. In addition, Pam is coaching the fishing team at Georgia’s Emmanuel College. They don’t come any tougher or better than Pam Martin-Wells. Please give her a listen!
Dan Johnston from St. Croix joins us to talk about all of the new people who are taking up fishing and what we can do to keep them doing it.
Kristine Fischer from USA Bass and the USA Kayak Fishing team joins us for an update on the two organizations. Kayak fishing is the hottest thing going in the world of fishing, you know.

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