Episode 321: Episode #320, August 10, 2022


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You all know how much respect we have for any angler who wins an Angler of the Year title. We have an incredible amount of respect for any fisherman who is able to win more than one AOY. This week’s lead guest, Bassmaster Elite Angler, Clark Wendlandt has won an incredible three AOY titles in FLW. The guys is incredible. He joins us t talk all things fishing. We talk about many things including invasive species, the importance of color, the pressure of fishing your home water and many other subjects. Please give a listen to a great interview with one of the game’s top anglers and a truly nice guy.
Dan Johnston from St. Croix joins us to talk about frog fishing. Want to hear a couple of avid frog fishermen geek out about one of their favorite techniques? Give Dave and Dan a listen, please.
He has a heart as big as all of the great outdoors. He is our friend, Dave VanDoorn. Dave spends his days taking true American heroes out fishing on behalf of Take a Vet Fishing, one of our very favorite organizations.

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