Jesse Hubbard: Punk Rock and Cocktails


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Whiskey Business welcomed back renowned bartender, Jesse Hubbard and this time around he didn’t mix a single drink! This podcast is all about his new book "Punk Rock and Cocktails". Hubbard paired 20 of his favorite punk rock bands with 20 unique cocktails to make and sip while you read. We also shared a bottle of Blue Note bourbon from Memphis, Tennessee which is quickly making a name for itself. They will be on the podcast in late May to talk more about their Memphis mix. This was also the return of “face to face” podcasting as we slowly get back to some sense of normalcy. Remote podcasts have been fun, but nothing compares to sharing a pour and conversation with friends in the same room. Enjoy this podcast. We sure as hell did. Cheers! Order your copy of Punk Rock + Cocktails today:…K220J1HPKT2Z91RHF Check out Hubbard and Hansberry's NEW "Rock Tales & Cocktails" podcast:

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