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In this episode of "With That Being Said", Esther and Erica talk with special guest James Bland! James is a content creator, film maker, actor, writer, producer, and director. He is the creator, show runner and star of the award winning digital drama, Giants. Esther, Erica and James discuss the stigma around mental health, especially in communities of color, and how James is using his platform in Hollywood to help end it. They also discuss the truth about what mental illness looks like, the importance of being real, and (of course!) Esther and Erica ask James about his experience at the Emmy's!

You can find James on Instagram and Twitter: @jrbland

You can watch Giants on Issa Rae's Youtube Channel here, or on Cleo TV.

You can find Giants on Instagram and Twitter: @giantstheseries

Or visit Giant's website here.

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