Adapt or Die with Ryan Seaman


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This week Katie is joined by childhood friend and bonafide rockstar Ryan Seaman from the band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. Ryan and Katie take a stroll through their past, talk about how Ryan introduced Katie to the punk/emo scene, and brought her to some of her first shows in Utah. Ryan has been a career musician since graduation, and shares how he got his start, moved out to LA, and has landed where he is now headlining around the world. Katie asks Ryan about the hardest part of his job, the difficulties of keeping a relationship while on the road, and the frustrations of seeing overnight TikTok music fame. We get to hear some of Ryan’s craziest stories from the road (at least the ones that are appropriate enough to share), and his all too relatable Rage Text of the Day to the year 2020. If you’ve ever wanted to know where Katie’s IG handle comes from, you’re going to love this episode!

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