Break a leg? Life is One Big Stage with Alex Ellis


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On today’s all new episode Katie is joined by a crazy talented guest. Alex Ellis is a triple threat times two. She’s a singer, actor, performer, producer, writer and creator- and she is brilliant at all of them. Alex shares about her time on Broadway, being an understudy, becoming a lead in a traveling production and the grueling schedule. The bright lights on Broadway are met with some grim realities and these were the growing pains for Alex. So she packed up and moved out west to try out Hollywood, describing her realization that she might have made a huge mistake. It’s impossible not to love Alex, from her hilarious voices and impressions (she’s an accomplished voice actor) to her beautiful insight on life and the power of meditation, Alex is a breath of air and an inspiration. Also, fun trivia, she is a singer in the band Harbor Party that played at Katie and Toms wedding. So they got a special bond.

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