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On today’s episode Katie welcomes back one of her besties Lala Kent to the podcast. The two talk about what it’s been like filming the current season of Vanderpump Rules. After a year in lockdown it’s been a whirlwind of emotions, hitting the ground running and getting back into the swing of things. Katie brings up The Friends Reunion and how it’s sparked the notion of not taking this time in her life for granted for they will soon just be memories. Lala is a new mom to a beautiful baby girl Ocean and speaks to how her life has changed and how she has adapted to motherhood. While she recently gave birth she continues to Give Them Lala in the form of her new book of the same title. Lala discusses the process of writing her book, why she wanted to tell the most intimate stories from her past and which one was the hardest to revisit. Katie mentions her favorite chapter, one in which discusses the infamous feud between the two of them and discusses how forgiveness and self reflection healed their tension. These two women have come a long way and we love to see it! You don’t want to miss this emotional episode.

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