Turning Pain Points Into Paid Points With Daniel Franzese


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This episode Katie welcomes actor, comic, and podcast host Daniel Franzese. Daniel shares his experience playing Damian in Mean Girls, and how he's been able to use his platform to advocate for the LGBTQI community. He discusses what playing the iconic role of Damian meant to him, being fearlessly himself, and his endeavors as a stand-up comedian. With more than 20 years of experience being in the spotlight, Daniel reflects on becoming comfortable in his own skin, and how he strives to trail blaze representation in the industry. He also shares about his comedy standup series where he uplifts and shares his stage with LGBTQI comics. He uses his love of performing to make a positive impact all around, and make others feel good! Listen in to hear about Mean Girls fan theories and a little fangirling over James Gandolfini. Daniel is unapologetically himself and all around uplifting and you are just going to love him!

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