Know Who You Are - Song Challenge Song No. 5


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Another week, another new song! In this episode, Yve Anmore shares her latest song from the song challenge titled "Know Who You Are" and lets us in on how she hit a creative wall in the writing of the track that was resolved by a 'happy mistake.' She also shares the cathartic breakthrough she experienced as she sang the lyrics in the chorus which led to difficult problems she was dealing with in her private life, resolving themselves elegantly and in ways, she couldn't have expected or hoped for. Remember to like and review the episode on Apple Music and Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Yve Anmore is an author, singer/songwriter podcaster and spiritual life coach, who makes music for pleasure and creative fulfilment. But now, she's challenging herself to write one new song every single week for a year! Follow her on this journey to musical nirvana, well more like musical mayhem, but either way, it's going to be a great challenge.

A reminder of the song-challenge parameters: It has to be a complete song not just lyrics, but it doesn't have to be professionally recorded, mixed and mastered. Can she do it? Well, we've hypothetically got 52 weeks to find out!

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