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The Balut Kiki Project turned one year old last May and so we let other people take over the podcast!
Christine Abrigana, Asia Podcast Festival-nominated fabulous host of Lagim: A Filipino True Crime Podcast and Asia In The Shadows, takes over the Project to help cast some light on the long -regarded 'invisible' sexual orientation: ASEXUALITY.
Jesh Alberto (Philippines), who identifies as a non-binary, homoromantic asexual and a member of the FB group Asexual Support PH , joins Christine on this episode to help demystify this often misunderstood and under-discussed orientation in our wonderfully diverse community.
Pareho lang ba sila ng mga pari at madre na "celibate" at pinili lang na mag-abstain from sex? Nope.
Choice ba nila 'yan? It is an orientation and not a choice, mga Bes.
Alam nyo ba that the A in LGBTQIA2+ stands for asexual, aromantic, agender?
Naku, madami pa tayong dapat malaman mula sa ating mga kapatid sa spectrum na ito. Tutal, PRIDE month naman, pakinggan natin ang kwento ni Jesh to hopefully inform the rest of us what it is to live life being asexual.
Maraming salamat sa ating Curious Ally for this highly informative take-over! Isang tagay ng mimosa for Bes Christine! Cheers!
At sa inyo mga Bessies, thank you for keeping us company this past year!
Visit Asexual Support Philippines FB Page here.
Learn more about Asexuality and Aromanticism here.
Click to listen to Lagim Podcast and Asia In The Shadows.
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