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Welcome to the Legendary Leaders podcast series! This podcast aims to inspire thousands and thousands of people to start living their best lives! My podcast guests will be sharing their own personal paths to success, the moments when they may have hit a wall that turned into their biggest breaking point, and we will be sharing some top tips on how to proactively create some exciting changes in your life. These leaders will be talking about how they started their journey, what inspired and drove them, along with the challenges they had to overcome along the way to get to where they are now, having achieved a more content and balanced life. The podcasts will cover an array of topics from the importance of selfcare and mindset, through to bravery and authenticity, and the importance of building communities and support networks. I have interviewed leaders who have all taken varied and interesting paths, from content creators, journalists through to designers, coaches, musicians and actors a business mentors, speakers and many, many more. They all faced tough challenges which served as motivation to live their best lives yet! I hope you enjoy listening to my series of podcasts as much as I have done creating them, and I really hope you take away lots to inspire, encourage and motivate you on your journey to becoming a Legendary Leader.

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