Accent, with Ran Harnevo


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Accent tells the story of some of the most famous thought leaders who were born in a foreign country and moved to the US in order to follow their passion and career path. 980184 The podcast is hosted by Ran Harnevo - former founder/CEO of 5min (sold to Aol for $65M), and Aol's President of video. Ran moved to NYC 10 years ago from Israel, and is now the co-founder and CEO of Homeis - a new startup building digital Culture Networks for local foreign born communities. Each podcast is a non-formal conversation between Ra and a world-renowned guest touching on the topics of immigration, its culture, family, identity and the dual notion of home. It’s about leaving one’s comfort zone and starting a new journey as foreign-born in a completely new place. Accent sheds light on both the differences between each journey - symbolized by the different accents - and the universal dimension of being an immigrant.

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