UNAJUA S9 EP1: What Is Web3? feat. Michael Kimani


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In this opening episode of an UNAJUA Series focused on demystifying the ‘Web3’ trend and unpacking how it is unfolding within an African context, Michael Kimani offers ‘minimum viable responses’ to pertinent crowdsourced questions. Michael is a Kenyan blockchain enthusiast, data wrangler and entrepreneur based in Nairobi. Michael has advised numerous Africa-focussed blockchain projects and is currently co-founder at airtime digital money marketplace, Fonbnk, where he spearheads growth for African markets. On this podcast, Michael tackles the question, What is Web3? by answering two related sub-questions: How has the internet experience of the everyday African evolved since they began to adopt its use in earnest in the 2010s? and How might we frame the potential impact of the Web3 trend on the continent’s digital transformation journey?

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