E33 Problem Page - The biggest mistake!


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Episode 33 kickstarts our 3rd series The Problem Page.

Q. What is the biggest mistake when planning behaviour change marketing?

A. No behaviour change goal.

This episode explores the reasons why we may not start with behaviour change goal and the confusion between a policy goal and a behaviour change goal.

Ruth shares two case studies and how the focus shifted when using behaviour change goals.

We explore how you can stop running more awareness campaigns, and shift from piling knowledge onto people that doesn't lead to action. How you can get more creative and increase your impact.


“Not having a goal is a symptom of not actually knowing what we what our audience to do.” Ruth Dale

3 AHA moments

  • The pressure to deliver often means the insight part is skipped. Skip this at your peril. Without knowing what the desired behaviour is you cannot communicate it!
  • By focusing on a goal that is about behaviour, it takes your marketing into new arenas that will unleash your creativity and connect with your audience in new ways.
  • Our data sources may keep us focused on the problem – when considering your new behaviour ensure you can measure it. If not, don’t do it!

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