Biden Hopes To Unite Democrats, Heating Costs Skyrocket, and an Insurrection Over Vaccine Mandates In Chicago


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Tonight’s rundown:

  • Joe Biden plans to meet with moderate and progressive Democrats in hopes of uniting the party to pass his $3.5 trillion spending package
  • Colin Powell’s death is used as a way to attack Donald Trump
  • Make sure to bundle up this winter, as heating costs are expected to skyrocket!
  • LA Times columnists say that journalists should no longer report “both-sides” but instead stick to whatever the left says as facts
  • Washington State football head coach and assistants are fired for not receiving the COVID vaccine mandated by both the university and the governor
  • Will there be an uprising among Chicago police as tensions rise over the vaccine mandate?
  • The Biden administration flies underage migrants to New York in the dead of night
  • This Day in History, 1781: Siege of Yorktown
  • Final Thought: Christmas store is opening early!

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