Skynet Labs: Decentralized Internet with Matthew Sevey


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The company Skynet Labs provides an open protocol for hosting data and web applications on the decentralized web. Skynet allows for decentralized, censorship-resistant, highly redundant storage and applications that are available around the globe. Developers don’t pay for their application’s storage, can launch apps with access to a user’s data right away, are free from corporations pulling access to their resources, and can maintain failover sites for when their primary site goes down.

For users, you take your data with you without any corporate oversight, support developers and content creators by simply accessing their work, experience a web free of targeted ads, and never have to put your privacy or security at risk. Skynet is built on top of the Sia blockchain network, which is open-source and guided by the Sia Foundation.

In this episode we talk with Matthew Sevey, Engineering Engineer at Skynet Labs. Before joining Skynet, Matthew was a Project Manager at Procter and Gamble and a web development fellow at Startup Institute before that. We discuss decentralized internet, the Sia blockchain network, and Skynet’s mission to build a better and more equitable ecosystem.

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