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Planalife you want to live in through a Business on Purpose. My name is Ian Edwards and I am a professional business and executive coach and a certified behaviour analyst. In 2021, I have been in business for 37 years and coaching now for over 5 years. I love learning what makes people tick and helping them find the inspiration they need to love living life. To encourage means to promote courage and I really enjoy doing that. The purpose of this ”I Decided” series is to inspire people, young and old, that when they have a passion in their hearts they need to pick it up with two hands and run with two feet. To give all you have, to all you do. I am your host for these podcasts and I‘ve had the privilege of meeting some awesome people over my life in business and made friendships with some truly amazing people casually and professionally. The beauty of knowing these people, many for decades, is that I have been able to observe their life over a long time and watched them live their lives in a very authentic and significant way. They are a very humble group of individuals who, when I asked to interview them, were very surprised I would ask but happy to be involved. Their hope along with mine is to inspire others.

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