Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


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Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Emotional intelligence, popularly known as emotional quotient refers to your ability to perceive, control, evaluate and reason with your emotions. It is vital for interpersonal communication and is a hot topic even in the business world.

According to these leading researchers, emotional intelligence can be classified into four different levels:

Level 1: Perceiving emotions

Level 2: Reasoning with emotions

Level 3: Understanding emotions

Level 4: Managing emotions

In the past decades, emotions and intelligence were generally viewed as being on opposite ends. However, researchers exploring emotional psychology are becoming more interested in cognition and affect. To better understand this concept, you can imagine how emotions and moods like anger, happiness, sadness and fear influence people on how they behave and make decisions.

Emotional intelligence in the workplace is not just for the higher-ups or senior executives and CEOs but is also for every employee in a workplace. If you are just starting your career and you want to move up the career ladder, having high EQ is key to achieving your goal.

As EQ is considered a skill, researchers believe that it is something that can be improved through training and practice. With this in mind, we at Change Works are offering a course called Emotional Intelligence for Professionals which is designed to help professionals who want to master their emotions and be able to lead others in their workplace.

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