Episode 33: Staffing: Ed Gattis from Parabellum System talks to Richard Rothstein for CPA Trendlines


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With Richard Rothstein
In this interview for CPA Trendlines, Ed Gattis, founder of Parabellum Systems, talks to Richard Rothstein, founder of Rothstein Consulting, about the global recruiting trends and how that is affecting hiring in the accounting world.
Here Gattis talks about his experience in recruiting and recruiting for the accounting community and what has changed. The biggest thing he says is that it has become much harder to source very high-level people due to the lack of in-person opportunities, like pre-work coffees, lunches, etc to convince prospective employees that openings are a good fit.
He also tells us how important personalization is to finding the right talent for your positions.
More here: https://cpatrendlines.com/?p=86455

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