Ephesians Part 15: Imitating Our Father (Ephesians 5:1-14)


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Have you ever imitated someone? Perhaps a parent or someone you really looked up to? Well, what if God wants us to imitate Him? That may seem really difficult, but in Ephesians 5 Paul lays out some steps we can take to grow in this. Recognizing things in life that are not like our Father, like sexual immorality, all impurity, covetousness (idolatry), filthiness, "foolish" talk, and crude joking is a start. We can also observe and learn what pleases our Father; because we are no longer in darkness, but in light, we can begin to walk that way. So take the healthy risk to shine the light of God into your life. Take no part in works of darkness but instead expose them to the light. God has given us a perfect example of how to imitate Him, His son Jesus! By first applying His love and grace to our lives, we can then live out of that love toward others.

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