Interview with Alisa Childers: "Another Gospel?"


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Raised in a christian home, Alisa Childers has always been a staunch christian. A member of the group "ZOEGirl", still young, she became known in the USA as a very local christian singer. Years later, married and a first-time mother, Alisa faced a crisis of faith since she met a church where the pastor, in a classroom, encouraged a select group to face a process of "deconstructing" their own faith. Later, and outside of that environment, Alisa discovered that that church had become a progressive christian community. After finding enough answers to overturn the progressive theses she had heard about the Christian Faith, Alisa Childers created a blog to help others who are going through similar situations, becoming a popular Christian apologist in the USA. In her book "Another Gospel?", Alisa discusses what Progressive Christianity is and what its dangers are to how the Christian faith is historiunderstood. Things like "Who is God?", "Who is Jesus", "Did Jesus rise from the dead?", "Is the Bible God's inspired Word?" and so many other questions - for Progressive Christianity - do not need those orthodox answers that the early Christians yielded. For this thinking, Christianity needs to dialogue with the postmodern world and review some of its historical positions. In this interview, kindly given to Edrei Lael, on 02/05/2021, Alisa Childers demonstrates the roots and motivations of Progressive Christianity and why she does not consider him as "Christianity" (deviated). Very keen with Christian Apologetics in her responses, she defends the biblical view of reality, as well as arguing for the historical and textual reliability of the New Testament.

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