Entrepreneur Mindset-Reset with Tracy Cherpeski


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Are you caught in the “Entrepreneur Success Trap” of working all the time? Do you want to take your business from good to amazing, yet can’t seem to find the right balance? Join host Tracy Cherpeski, Executive Coach and Mindset Mastery expert, as she interviews entrepreneurs just like you who are figuring out how to create harmony and balance while multiplying their businesses. Each episode contains powerful and immediately actionable tips for how to move your business forward without losing your happiness, relationships, health or mind. Tracy will occasionally share insights and lessons from her clients and her own experiences in solo episodes that you won’t want to miss. If you have a growing business or side hustle and sometimes feel alone on the “Entrepreneur Island” you’ll want to listen to this podcast to learn how simple mindset shifts can change everything about your success in business and life. This Sh*t Works!

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