#88: Marc Mawhinney: The Mindset to taking Consistent Action Every Day (even when your resistance is sky high!)


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Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients (without paid advertising)! He achieves this with his coaching programs, his podcast Natural Born Coaches, his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter – Secret Coach Club. He's been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, frequently makes media appearances and contributes for Entrepreneur.com.

Listen in as Marc shares:

  • How he rides the “lows” of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster to create days that flow smoothly.
  • His journaling tips that ensure his creativity stays high.
  • The “Hour of Power” he builds into his daily morning routine to stay focused and productive.
  • His favourite acronym to grow his success is “TCB” – he borrowed this from Elvis!
  • How his superpower has led to his huge success and how you can install it to leverage your results (effectively simple to do, once you get your mindset in the right place).
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity hack (try it and see how brilliantly it can work for you).
  • Easy-to-implement Top Tips on how to write engaging daily emails to nurture your community.
  • A brilliant “mind trick” to motivate you to become a consistent action-taker and transform your business (this is a game changer you can use on yourself and on your clients).

Find out more about Marc and how he can help you to get more clients at: www.NaturalBornCoaches.com.

Nina x

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