Learning to Navigate Through Life Changes with God by Your Side. 4 Things to Implement


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In today's episode, I go over navigating through life changes with God by your side. I'm going to go into some of the life changes that I've been going through in the past few months and 4 things that I've learned while trying to navigate through these changes. I also pair this with scripture. I know that there is someone out there, and that person may be you, that is going through a lot of life changes right now and I know that this will help them.


For the study guide, join this group and check out the units tab. This episode's show notes: https://www.faithfuelsmyfire.com/post/learning-to-navigate-through-life-changes-with-god-by-your-side-4-things-to-implement If you want to check out previous Bible studies, click here To Purchase my "Christ Transforms Me" Journal, click here Email me: faithfuelsmyfire@gmail.com Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/486483515603028/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmBsSKktGU_8WHVNIxhFuzg The Bible App that I use: http://bible.com/app Instagram: @_lorenacamille_ Never Forget to Choose Faith Over Fear, -Lorena Camille

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