Ep 74 | Secrets of the Nike Mafia: Phil Knight Is Vito Corleone | Cam Newton Is the NFL’s B***h


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Whitlock compares Nike founder Phil Knight to “The Godfather’s” Vito Corleone, in light of the recent Sports Illustrated cover story. Why is Air Jordan executive Larry Miller’s murder confession spun to make him the hero? Sportswriter Steve Kim mentions the liberal agenda on criminal justice as a possible motive. Jason and Steve also break down the difference between obedience and freedom after Washington State fired head coach Nick Rolovich because he would not take the COVID-19 vaccine. “Cut the Bull” host Shemeka Michelle shocks Jason with her incredible and personal gun violence story. They also discuss Cam Newton’s capitulation to the NFL’s vaccine pressure. Plus, Jason brings back “Fearless” columnist Delano Squires to discuss his brilliant analysis of the Sage Steele drama at ESPN and Netflix’s Dave Chappelle walkout.

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