Everything You Need to Know About DeFi and Crypto EXPLAINED | Tom Bilyeu


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From crypto start-ups to volatile market scares reported everyday, you may still feel like you’re wandering in the dark trying to figure out what is going on. Aside from a top of the line curated list of interviews with leading experts in the finance industry here on this channel, it is critical that you do the research needed to get a better grasp of how cryptocurrency, defi, blockchain and web 3.0 are going to disrupt businesses in a major way. The tips and information in this episode are answers to questions from other entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to understand how to get positioned for the rapidly changing digitized age we are all experiencing. The goal of this episode is to get you thirsty enough to do your research, risk feeling stupid and gain a more functional understanding of what’s available to you in one of the biggest transfer of wealth opportunities ever seen. Do. Not. Ignore. This.
0:00 | Introduction Cryptocurrency
0:42 | Tips to Learn Crypto Fast
3:47 | Coins and Blockchain Relationship
10:09 | Crypto Security & Scams
19:15 | Making Crypto Commerce Functional
23:42 | Volatility of Payments in Crypto
27:14 | Web 3.0 Revolution for Business
“Understanding why you like a given blockchain will help you understand why you like a given coin.” [4:22]
“If you are an NFT collector, as I am, never ever, ever, under any circumstance engage with a contract that you don't know.” [17:31]
“Don't take my word for it, do your own research, [...] Please go and understand it. Don't ignore it. Don't be afraid to feel stupid. [...] There is no need for the rich to be the only ones winning” [30:59]

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