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Today we share some of our back catalogue in anticipation of a major sustainable development event that our team is participating in today. Our guest, Kehkashan Basu, is also part of the same event and panel.
Kehkashan Basu is an eco ambassador who has received awards from so, so many places. According to her LinkedIN profile she is a United Nations Human Rights Champion; the Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation; a Forbes 30 Under 30; the Council Lead, Toronto-St. Paul's CYC; one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women; and an Int'l Children's Peace Prize Winner - and this hasn't been updated since New Year when she was awarded two other notable titles including the "Nation-Building Youth Award" at the International Conference on Nation-Building in Thailand!
Imnah and Arjun spoke to Kehkashan in 2019 when she visited campus to lead a Climate Reality Project seminar. This interview was part of our class project which we have repurposed for today!
The Sustainable Living, Building Back Better conference which is taking place on January 13 (virtually) can be accessed here: https://www.unileverme.com/sustainable-living/green-recovery/.

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