Kicking Back


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Still Kickin' Back at corrupt media, government and politicians, The Dame's still Kicking Back every Saturday Night at the regular 11 PM slot, now airing direct from PHN Media with the same late night style and attitude on political and media reform, support of our military, patriotism, gender parity and social commentary through open [and civil!] discourse on the U.S. Constitution, media and the people who make the news.
January 24ths debut show will feature Filmmaker Brad Mays and his crew, who have been working on his PUMA documentary film "The Audacity Of Democracy" for nearly six months. The movie is now finished and Brad is ready to talk about the ups and downs of politics in the context of documentary filmmaking, as well as how this film has been misunderstood virtually from its inception. Taking the audience from Washington, DC to Chicago to Dallas and Austin Texas; from New York City and Princeton to Denver, Colorado; from low farce to high tragedy, "The Audacity Of Democracy" is sure to surprise everyone who sees it, and offer a different and open perspective about politics and grassroots movements in 21st century America. In future weeks we'll continue to host an exciting, diverse and ground breaking series of guests from all forefronts, discussing life on the line in 21st century America, making Kicking Back on Saturday nights with a great crew a great American pass time!

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