Make Mine Multiversity Episode 71: Annihilation Saga Part Seven: Blackagar Boltagon Awakens


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Our coverage of the mind bendingly epic ANNIHILATION SAGA continues. We've fought the Annihilation War, we survived the Conquest War, and now it's time for another galactic conflict, the War of Kings. That means learning who the Inhumans are and what their deal is. Aren't they the stars of a forgotten terrible corner of the MCU? I've heard that's a thing but fortunately, we're focusing on some pretty fun comics.

Oh, you need to know which comics specifically? Sure, that's fair. In this episode, we cover "Guardians of the Galaxy" #7-12, "Secret Invasion: Inhumans" #1-4, and "Secret Invasion: War of Kings" #1. We also briefly touch on "X-Men: Kingbreaker," though the less said about that particular miniseries, the better.

Next time though, it's all smooth sailing. We are reading "War of Kings: Darkhawk," "Nova #23-25," "War of Kings #1-3," "War of Kings Warriors #1-2," and "War of Kings: Ascension #1-2." If you want to try and jump between series, we've even got a preferred reading order for you! Try reading the issues like this:

"War of Kings: Darkhawk" #1

"Nova" #23

"War of Kings: Darkhawk" #2

"War of Kings" #1

"Nova" #24

"War of Kings" #2

"War of Kings: Savage Sword of Skaar"

"War of Kings: Warriors" #1

"War of Kings: Warriors" #2

"War of Kings: Ascension" #1

"Guardians of the Galaxy" #13

"Nova" #25

"War of Kings" #3

"War of Kings: Ascension" #2

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