202: Clarity on Your Marketing Goals


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Friend, I keep seeing all over Facebook Groups fellow photographers being stressed about their marketing efforts not delivering results, and when I ask them what specifically are they doing, or not working, their answer tends to be along these lines “I‘ve done it all and I have no clients”

I know it’s really easy to attempt to measure our marketing efforts’ success on the number of clients we book; however, this will add frustration to your life, as there are so many components and smaller goals we need to tackle before we can celebrate a new booking.

Think of this as a recipe for a delicious dish! Yes, the end goal is to eat something yummy, but before you get to do that, you need to accomplish other steps.

In my business, I focus my marketing efforts on 4 different groups, and each place group has a very specific goal!

For example one of my group is Pinterest. The goal of my Pinterest account is to drive qualified traffic to my website. I check my analytics every month to see if my strategy is working. So long as Pinterest is sending quality traffic to my site, then I know my strategy is working.

You see, my Pinterest strategy is not to “get clients”. Getting clients, is the side effect of someone that saw my work on Pinterest, then visits my site, falls in love with my images, and connects with me personally on a discovery call.

So in today’s episode, I cover why being super clear on your marketing goals, and the goals of the tools you use to reach new people are crucial for your success!



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