207: Custom Proposals With KT Merry


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Friend, welcome to another episode! Today’s conversation is with the super talented KT Merry about custom proposals.

KT Merry has been a luxury wedding photographer for 15 years. She has photographed the most opulent and beautiful weddings and her clients include several celebrities.

In today’s chat, we are covering the topic of custom proposals and how they can elevate your brand, and put you ahead of the competition.

KT shares with us how she presents proposals to her clients, what to include, what to avoid and how to follow up! The conversation is detailed and packed with actionable steps.

Even if you currently are not in the luxury market, this conversation will give you some insights on how to elevate your brand perception and value in any market.

KT Merry has a couple of offers for you:

  • Starting October 5th, 2022 KT will be hosting a series of FREE workshops where you will learn a framework to build a wildly profitable & creative photography business that attracts portfolio-worthy, inspiring and aligned clients. You can register here!
  • The enrollment for her wildly popular online course: The Abundance Plan opens on October 17th, 2022 and you can get all the details here! (affiliate link)



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