Vanessa Carlisle, "Take Me with You" (Running Wild, 2021)


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Today I talked to Vanessa Carlisle about her new book Take Me with You (Running Wild, 2021).

Kindred Powell's youth is marked by a secret that her white mother and Black father kept from her. After her father Carl's unjust incarceration and her mother's death from illness, Kindred moves from Los Angeles to New York in a desperate search for peace. There, she finds her girlfriend Nautica, a career in sex work, and a kinky boy toy named Griffin. But when Carl goes missing from LA's Skid Row, Kindred must drop everything to find him.

Keep an eye out for the special edition of the South Atlantic Quarterly edited by Heather Berg and Featuring more of Vanessa's work.

Rachel Stuart is a sex work researcher whose primary interest is the lived experiences of sex workers.

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