Author Spotlight: Jacob Eckeberger, "My Dad's Jokes are Very (Terribly, Awfully, Painfully) Bad!"


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In this episode, we discuss humor as a tool for parenting. We discuss how humor allows our children to play with words and discover new ways to view the world. While this episode has many many hilarious moments, we also discuss the importance of diversity in books and the barriers that exist for Black and Brown authors.
Jacob Eckeberger is a first-time author living in Minneapolis, MN with a family that lovingly puts up with his terrible dad jokes. His favorite books to read with his family are those that create memorable moments with his kids. That's why his first book is an invitation to a special moment, with a good excuse to giggle along the way.

Jacob's book is dedicated to the kids who put up with all the very, terribly, awfully, painfully, bad jokes from their dads!

Check out Jacob's hilarious and picture book here. It has over 100 5-star reviews.. so.. thank me later!)

This episode was originally recorded via video on facebook:
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