119. Remember This Crap? The 1992 Cubs - Pointless Exercise Podcast


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It's time once again to spin the big wheel and see what crap we have to remember and this time the wheel commands Andy and Mike D. to remember Jim Lefebvre's exciting 1992 squad. It was Greg Maddux's last year in his first stint with the team, Ryne Sandberg's last really good season, and some guy named Sammy Sosa showed up from the White Sox. Relive the glory days of Hector Villanueva, Gary Scott and the day Jim Bullinger made history in a good way! The Cubs had a huge win against Pissburgh in July and then Mike Royko (rightly) took a big dump all over it in the Tribune the next day. We look back through Larry Himes' first draft (spoiler alert: it was bad) and huge trades of George Bell, Danny Jackson and Ced Landrum. You never know what crap we'll unearth.

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