130 - "It's fun to watch them stick it to their owners" - Pointless Exercise Podcast presented by Manscaped™


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Sam joins Andy for the Cubs podcast and they discuss the strange sensation of seeing a team totally turn things around right before your eyes. The Cubs smacked the Padres around pretty good and started what's supposed to be a make or break June schedule gauntlet with three convincing wins. The guys discuss how much of the preseason "sell off the free agents" plan is already out the window and whether or not the Cubs will find themselves actually buying short term pieces at the deadline instead of selling. They discuss Patrick Wisdom's Hall of Fame chances, who the "other" six guys are that won't get the vaccine, and what the plan for Adbert Alzolay is since he clearly is on an innings limit. The Cubs are fun again and it has the added benefit of making their own ownership queasy.

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