Season 5: Episode 6: Learning to step back and a whole bunch of WTF?! with guest, Madison


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Christina welcomes Madison, a stepmom whose special hobbies include: micromanaging, getting too involved, learning to step back and a whole bunch of WTF?! Can you relate? Madison shares her story of falling in love with "Dad of the Year", how she finds her role among 2 other Type A co-parents, being the house with consequences and oh-yes.... family therapy. What has drove Madison crazy and what keeps her sane? What was family therapy like? Listen in! About My Guest: Dr. Madison Kackley is research scientist who investigates dietary interventions and the relationship to physical and behavioral health, with a specific interest of cognitive function. Biggest accomplishments have been navigating grad school, being a step-mom of almost a decade to a currently 15year old and bio mom to an almost 1year old. So much more than a podcast! Come find me on Instagram @radicalstepmomspodcast Need to chat with someone who gets it? Schedule a 1:1 Session! Want to join a community of other stepmoms and make some friends? Become a Radical Member! Learn more by heading to: **This episode is sponsored by StepMom Magazine. Use discount code: Radical20 to save 20% ** --- Send in a voice message:

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