S4 Ep.1: Seattle Music's Past, Present, and Future Pt. 1


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Seattle Growth Podcast brings its spotlight to the music community in our growing city. The story begins in this first episode of season 4 with a look at the 1990s, an almost universally recognized era of Seattle sound. Today’s episode features two-time Grammy nominee, the drummer for the Presidents of the United States of America, Jason Finn. What was it like to be a Seattle musician in this era where one could be catapulted from playing Seattle’s Romper Room to selling millions of records? What was happening in Seattle that enabled local bands to take the national leap? You’ll hear Jason Finn’s perspective on these questions and more. You’ll also hear the fan perspective from Daryl Ducharme, a music lover who worked at Guitar Center during the decade. The interviews will paint a vivid picture of a unique moment in Seattle’s history that will also give insight into our future. With musical intros performed by Draze, Naomi Wachira, and Porscha Shaw.

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