Detoxing – Astral Projection Style


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1st February, 2022.

Once again I find myself in my parents’ house in England and I start to feel slight vibrations, but more a fizzy feeling again like a similar experience I feel as if I am waking up already in the astral, again as in my previous experience of a few days ago where I am talking to a tree. I feel a bit heavy and the window appears to be a bit difficult to fly through so I open the window and fly out. I don’t do a very good job and land in a big puddle of water on the ground, (this could be interference from the weather in the physical as it was raining during the night), the garden is very wet and I think that it’s a good job I’m out-of-body so I won’t get wet. It must have looked quite funny to anyone watching, me sitting in a big puddle of water.

There is someone with me and we fly a little I am still finding it a bit difficult I see some big rocks in the distance, it looks like an island, I want to go but seeing that I am having unusual flying problems I voice my doubt to the person with me that I might end up in the water, but then I think well, I’m out-of-body so I won’t drown, then I look at the island again and it seems a lot nearer. We fly over, it has a truly wonderful atmosphere. There are artifacts positioned at different places, it is like a library of ancient, precious objects, there is also a book and I go over to have a look, it is an ancient book with predictions in it from the beginning of time.

I start to lose lucidity at this point and it all gets a bit dreamlike, I am with a couple of other people and we are in Dr. Who’s Tardis, but I remark that it is a bit strange as it is the same size inside as outside. Anyway we go back in time as we have to help someone. I don’t really remember any more than that, more stuff happened but it escapes my memory, the only thing I do remember, as my lucidity came back, is the end because it is so intense. I am going down and down at an amazing speed, there is a very large being with me at least I can sense very big hands, I ask for the Divine for a split second I feel it might be a higher being but then I feel the hands start to touch me and I feel strong negative energy. I summon all the energy I can, put my arms out to the side with palms facing outwards and tell it to go away with a sort of energetic push. I then wake up back where I started at my parents’ house in the middle of the push I hear myself let out a sort of big grunt as my hands push away the energy then I wake up in my own house.

It’s possible that the negative energy I had to deal with at the end was responsible for my difficulty in flying in the first part of the experience, the going back in time part could have referred to another life responsible for the producing the energy. Maybe the whole experience was about some energy clearing work, detoxing my energy body.

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