S1E4: Murdered Sleep, by Kat Howard


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"Sleep is dying, and has been for a long time now, through uncounted ticks of clocks and the flickers of thousands of too-brief candles." It's the night of the Senior Prom, and rather than show up awkwardly, Cassie has decided to stay home with the Dark Tome. But, she soon meets a mysterious stranger with an invitation to a masquerade ball wicked and mysterious, far stranger than any rites of spring. What she learns there will reshape her thoughts on dance, if she can ever make it back. An adaptation of Kat Howard's short story "Murdered Sleep" which originally appeared in Apex Magazine. Produced by Fred Greenhalgh and Bill Dufris. Production Assistant Grace Waldron. Featuring Tim Sample, Lilly Thorne, Tess Van Horn, JennyWren Walker, Casey Turner, Ian Carlsen, and JP Guimont. Original score "Febryar" by Peter Van Riet

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