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Affordable Housing Depletion & Possible Homelessness Crisis
Along with the option to work from home and pad ever-growing savings accounts, some U.S. citizens are buying up properties above market value, which is pricing out lower-income demographics who have experienced the worst of the pandemic.
Massive Impending Real Estate Investor Upside
With the fearful rise of real estate prices, for many people in the low to moderate-income demographics, the delicious, baked-in apple pie American dream of homeownership may be expeditiously becoming a barren desert mirage. As a real estate investor, you may be in the prime position of immense generational wealth creation.
New Tech Allows Anyone To Become A Landlord
With millions already raised, two of the world’s biggest tech magnates have plans to create a landlord out of anyone by only investing a small amount of capital.
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The U.S. Averted One Housing Crisis, but Another Is in the Wings by Conor Dougherty and Glenn Thrush
America Should Become a Nation of Renters by Karl W. Smith
Billionaires Back Startup That Wants to Let Anyone Be a Landlord by Patrick Clark
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