1.07 - Under the Moonlight


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Allie has never been a fan of the outdoors. But when rumors of disappearing campers and a supposed witch cause the gang to head out into the great wilderness, bugs and no wifi will be the least of their worries.

The Technomancy Project presents an audio log from the archives of the Bureau of Esoteric, Paranormal, and Occult.

This episode was written by Colin Bradley, Emily Consaga, & Josdon Thong

Daniel Lear as Jason Fenix and the Killer
Erin Nicole Lundquist as Allie Watts
Josdon Thong as Elijah Long
Sean King as Agent King
KC Stone as Ayana
Christopher Consaga as Jerry and Cultist 2
Hunter Logan as Cultist 1
Becca Consaga as Diner Employee

Emily Consaga

Emily Consaga, Samantha Fuller-Hall, and Josdon Thong

Opening theme by Arjuna Woods (@junawhat)
Ending theme by Sean King (@musicseanking)
Greek Lullaby performed by Kim Consaga

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