Episode 1: Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit-Hole


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On a May afternoon in the English countryside, seven-year-old Alice is dozing on a riverbank when a large white rabbit races by. The rabbit checks a pocket watch and then disappears down a large hole with Alice in impetuous pursuit. The hole turns into an exceedingly deep tunnel. After a seemingly endless fall, Alice touches bottom and finds herself in a long, dark hallway lined with closed doors.
Alice finds a gold key on a table and uses it to open a little door, through which she spots a lovely garden. She longs to explore the garden but is too tall to get through the door. The contents of a bottle labelled "drink me" cause Alice to shrink until she's too short to reach the key on the table. Next, she finds a small cake labelled "eat me." She obeys the instruction and waits to see what will happen.
Chapter 1 is wonderfully read by:
Brad Shaw (Also Chapter Heads and Ending)
Hayley-Marie Axe
Julie Love
Sarah Borges
Catherine Millsom
Ellie Darvill
Helen Suzanne
Claudia Barba
Brenda Longman
Ferha Syed
Alex Jennings
Greg Marston

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