35: Josh Sweeney — Talk Is Cheap, Take A Positive Action Instead


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Episode Type: Inspirational People

Welcome to another episode of the Grow Your Life podcast (Systems and stories to live better and work smarter). In this Inspirational People episode, I talk with Atlanta-native Josh Sweeney. Originally connected through a mutual friend a few years ago, Josh and I both related to each other's stories, life priorities, and business trajectories.

After selling his company in 2016, Josh launched a few businesses, including FounderScale earlier this year (2020). This business works with founder-led organizations to scale their company by focusing on proven sales systems.

In addition to chatting about the difference between words and actions, we also explore how we ought to take extreme ownership of our situation (regardless of fault), guidelines for pursuing a goal (including whether it's time to let it go), how people's unique differences shape their strengths and weaknesses, and what it takes to be a top tier performing entrepreneur.

Connect With Josh

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