Body By Organic Start-Up Series, Ep. 1


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Welcome to Episode 1 in our 4 part "Start Up" series that we initially only published via YouTube. This 4 part series was curated to give curious listeners, viewers and followers direct insight into of what a start-up looks like from the inside. Antara Roy and Archana Kanabar are two good friends who had completely different professional careers but decided to turn what started out as a bit of a small exercise by Antara into a proper business. These two ladies welcomed us into their world to follow their progress from organic cosmetics start-up to market entry then acceleration over the last 16 or so months.

Body By Organic is a cruelty-free vegan, organic and unisex skin care company. Their flagship products are the 24k Gold acne solution that teens & I love, a hair repair serum, glow facial oil, a charcoal detox mud mask, a mud cleanser (Archana's favourite product!) and more!

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