Robert Kennedy, Diamonds are a Portfolios Best Friend


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Todays guest, Robert Kennedy is the managing director and founder of Swiss Diamond Collection in Switzerland. Robert gives us a very personalized overview of the current and historic diamond markets. He explains how he works with UHNW families around the world in both managing their diamond portfolios as well as sourcing new gems.

This conversation was so indepth that I decided to make 2 segments.

In segment I, Robert enlightens us on the current diamond trends; from pink, to blues and even red diamonds. Robert explains how the pricing has evolved, how diamonds with a story hold their value even more, and he gives us insight into what % of a portfolio his clients put into rough and polished diamonds for investment purposes.

Robert is such a wealth of knowledge. If you inherited diamonds or are actively investing or want to begin investing in diamonds, this is the podcast for you.

Robert is a gemologist and his firm specializes in the finest diamonds the world has to offer. He was an absolute joy to sit down with and will also partake in a private, bespoke event for The Wealth Pack members, my new holistic wealth platform for women. You can sign up for a 1 month trial membership to experience all the goodness of this holistic wealth sisterhood. A community that values and builds physical, mental, planetary and financial well-being!


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