Episode 5: Lavesh Pritmani – Founder and CEO of Learn Bhangra and his story on building a business from your passion


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“Bhangra is a dance that combines both energy and grace.” – Lavesh Pritmani

Lavesh Pritmani (@LearnBhangraNow) is the founder and CEO of the Learn Bhangra. In less than three years, his app achieved over 70,000 downloads and 25,000 registered users. No small feat.

Bhangra is an energetic, folk dance and music form that originated from Punjab, India. Today, it’s the newest dance, music, and fitness phenomenon spreading all over the world. Lavesh began teaching Bhangra in 2006, and for 10 years, he taught 300+ students and started the independent Bhangra movement in North Carolina. Lavesh learned the folk elements of Bhangra from his coach from India. This completely transformed Lavesh’s approach towards Bhangra, and showed him how Bhangra’s teachings of discipline, confidence, and respect could be incorporated into everyday life.

Lavesh and his team have now expanded the Learn Bhangra app to workshops, choreography, and instructor certifications around the world. Lavesh is extremely talented and his story is fascinating – he built this app from a simple idea to a global phenomenon. With further ado, please enjoy my conversation with Lavesh Pritmani.

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Show Notes

  • Lavesh’s first exposure in Bhangra and how it kickstarted his love and passion for the dance (2:14)
  • The renaissance and history of competitive Bhangra (5:25)
  • The history and viewpoint of Bhangra dance according to Lavesh (6:58)
  • The difference between energy and grade in Bhangra (9:50)
  • How Lavesh developed the knowledge and vernacular of Bhangra steps (10:15)
  • The importance of having a teacher for Bhangra for Lavesh (12:35)
  • The story behind the creation of Lavesh’s Learn Bhangra App (Taco Bell is involved!) (17:29)
  • The coolest moment of Lavesh’s interaction with a fan in Singapore (26:15).
  • Lavesh’s workshop in Mexico and how he used Google Translate to communicate (28:00)
  • The future of Learn Bhangra and how they plan to expand (30:02)
  • The evolution of Bhangra music and Lavesh’s take on best Bhangra songs to learn (37:12)
  • The first move Lavesh would recommend at your next South Asian party (42:16)
  • Lavesh’s Rapid Fire question answers (44:00)
    • What purchase of $100 or less that have most improved your life in the last 6 months?
    • When you think of a South Asian person you look up to, who would you say comes to mind and why
    • What is a movie or book that has the most impact on you?
    • If you had to give an up-and-coming South Asian person in your field, what advice would you give them and why?
    • Do you have any final asks for the audience? Anything you’d like to leave them with?

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